Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

Best Wordpress Landing Page Plugins

Landing pages are crucial for generating conversions and increasing sales. Most businesses require landing pages for various sales events, services, products, and other purposes. But if you don't have the necessary tools, producing an interesting and successful landing page is a tough task.

Or maybe yours isn't producing the outcomes you want. Perhaps you're building a new website from scratch. In any case, it's critical to choose the correct tools and strategies to develop landing pages that are both visually appealing and practical.

The good news is that if you already have a WordPress website, you can select from a range of WordPress Landing Page Plugins available. The official WordPress plugin directory contains many landing page builders, and mostly all are straightforward solutions.

Landing page plugins assist you in quickly and easily building a landing page that looks professional, without writing any code. With these landing pages, you can grab visitors' interest and persuade them to join your email marketing list.

The question is- there are many of them available, how to find the best WordPress landing page plugins?

To help you do that, we'll discuss some of the best WordPress plugins in this article. That can build gorgeous and well-optimized landing pages for your blog, website, or online store.

What to Look for in WordPress Landing Page Plugins?

The following characteristics should be included in a decent WordPress landing page plugin:

Ease of use- The plugin should be simple to install and configure, even for users with little technical knowledge.

User-Friendly- This is the other most significant thing to look for in a landing page plugin, depending on how comfortable you are with developing web pages.

If you don't have any web programming skills, you should look for a plugin that is simple to use. You'll most likely want anything with a drag-and-drop builder with plenty of assistance choices in case you get lost.

Customizable- As previously said, the choices for developing a landing page are almost limitless. We say “almost” because your only constraints are your degree of experience and the plugin's capabilities.

You should choose a configurable plugin so that you may alter templates and add features to build a landing page that looks precisely how you imagined it.

Mobile responsiveness- Choose a plugin that is mobile-friendly. So that it makes your landing pages appear good on all devices.

SEO-Friendly- If search engines can't discover your landing page, it's useless. That is why you need an SEO-friendly WordPress plugin.

That can optimize your content for search, making it easier for users to find your website when they search for your brand online.

Performance- Select a plugin that will not slow down or adversely impact the performance of your website.

Feature-Packed- The best landing page plugins include many components and functions that may be used on your website.

Support- Make sure, the plugin provides dependable and quick help if you encounter problems or have inquiries.

Elementor is the Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin. · Thrive Architect is another powerful drag-and-drop page builder. · Beaver Builder is a

List of Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins


Elementor Landing Page Builder

Elementor is one of the most widely used WordPress Landing Page Plugins, with over 5M+ downloads.

With Elementor drag-and-drop builder, users can create their feature-rich website, without installing any extra WordPress plugins, as over 90 widgets and more than 300 pre-made layouts are available in Elementor's free edition.

For instance, the fundamental widgets in Elementor include social media icons, a progress bar, and an image carousel. Some of the many helpful theme components are- a sitemap, search bar, and comments.

Premium subscriptions to Elementor provide advanced capabilities like custom CSS, motion effects, and 24/7 support. Furthermore, Elementor Pro has a theme builder that allows you to design your whole website from a single interface.

Important Features

  • Multilingual Support
  • Maintenance Mode Pages
  • 90+ Free Widgets


  • Starting from- 9.99 USD per year

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Wordpress Page Builder Plugin

If you're searching for a free drag-and-drop WordPress landing page plugin with a real-time visual editor, Beaver Builder is a fantastic choice.

The plugin allows you to swap themes without losing your content, even if you no longer utilize the page builder. It will instead retain your photographs and information within the WordPress editor.

Beaver Builder functions amazingly as a landing page plugin. It includes landing page designs for many sectors, from small enterprises to online firms.

With Beaver Builder's developer-friendly modules and widgets, you may expand and personalize your website once you become accustomed to the drag-and-drop page builder.

Although the free edition of Beaver Builder has a lot of capabilities, upgrading to the paid package will provide you access to a multisite network.

Important Features

  • Well-documented modules
  • WooCommerce integration
  • The WPML translation plugin


  • Starting From- $ 99 per year


Unbounce Wordpress Landing Page Plugin

Unbounce is an effective WordPress landing page plugin, users can use it to quickly make landing pages with a high conversion rate for their online marketing efforts.

The plugin lets customers rapidly build landing pages by providing drag-and-drop capabilities, a large selection of configurable templates, and interfaces with well-known marketing tools.

Overall, Unbounce offers a large selection of easily configurable templates that can be altered to meet your branding and marketing objectives, and the drag-and-drop builder is straightforward and responsive.

Important Features

  • Dynamic text replacement
  • A/B testing
  • Fast page speed


  • Starting From- $99USD / mo


Divi The Ultimate Page Builder For Wordpress

Divi is a WordPress Landing Page Plugin by Elegant Themes that, like Elementor, is meant to function within WordPress. Over 950,000 WordPress users choose Divi and its Visual Drag & Drop Builder to create landing pages.

The concept is that by just installing the Divi theme (or the Divi Builder plugin), you can drag and drop your way to design success.

Numerous drag-and-drop features are included with Divi, along with a point-and-click visual editor. With Divi, you have access to hundreds of pre-made layouts. Additionally, you may make your templates and utilize them again later.

Divi provides a superb user experience with a straightforward landing page editor. It has a large community, and the team of ElegantThemes is continually developing new features.

Important Features

  • Massive collection of third-party add-ons and themes
  • Templates for High-Quality Content
  • Divi is also quite portable.


  • Starting From- $ 70 per year


Seedprod Drag And Drop Landing Page Plugin

The landing page builder offered by SeedProd is quick and simple to use. The drag-and-drop blocks make it simple to change the templates, which have a beautiful appearance.

Although there are more sophisticated choices to fine-tune your landing page design, the basic options are user-friendly for beginners.

The best feature of SeedProd is that, in contrast to other WordPress Landing Page Plugins, it is built for the speed and functionality of websites.

They produce less bloated code, which results in the quickest page performance and greater conversions.

Important Features

  • A library of landing page templates
  • Advanced landing page blocks are specifically made to produce leads.
  • It provides unique WooCommerce blocks.


  • Starting From- $39.50 per year

Thrive Architect   

Thrive Architect Wordpress Landing Page Plugin

The Thrive Architect- a drag-and-drop builder employs a “click to edit” feature that enables quick and easy page customization.

Over 250 templates are available in the plugin so you can quickly and easily design a beautiful landing page. Sales pages, webinars, opt-in pages, and other page layouts are among the options.

Additionally, this plugin provides several crucial conversion-enhancing features to aid in the lead generation process on your landing page, such as content boxes, client testimonials, CTA buttons, responsive video embeds, countdown timers, responsive Google Maps, and a star rating system.

Additionally, to convert leads on your landing pages, you are not required to download ten or twenty different plugins because Thrive Architect already contains these elements.

Important Features

  • Includes components that will increase conversions on your page
  • Integrations with email service providers in abundance.
  • Mobile responsive


  • Starting From- $ 149/ qty


Qards Responsive Landing Page Plugin For Wordpress

WordPress has a contemporary landing page plugin called Qards. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, it aids users in creating gorgeous sites.

Additionally, because this plugin uses native WordPress code, you won't encounter as many integration issues with other WordPress themes.

Helpful elements like covers, Google Fonts, photos, grids, footers, menus, and subscriptions are included with the Qards plugin.

Each of these elements has its own options menu for simple adjustment and is responsive, to make sure that your page will look amazing on any device or browser.

Important Features

  • Inline text editor
  • Mobile-ready templates
  • Compatible with WooCommerce plugin


  • Starting From- $ 99


Optimizepress Wordpress Landing Page Plugin

Making versatile and compelling landing pages is easy with OptimizePress. Although you may design landing pages from scratch, OptimizePress offers customers more than 40 pre-made landing page designs.

If you require design assistance, you can choose from over 400 conversion-optimized landing page templates with more than 40 customizable elements (such as headlines, testimonial blocks, order boxes, countdown timers, progress bars, and video and audio players).

With the help of the live editor, you can edit and see changes in real time. Each form complies with GDPR requirements and is responsive, so it looks excellent on mobile devices.

Important Features

  • It provides a variety of opt-in forms so you can gather information from site visitors.
  • Business templates, affiliate landing sites, webinar templates, eBook templates, and opt-in pages are all available.
  • Layouts can be customized


  • Starting From- $ 129 per year

Comparing Every Plugin for Landing Pages

Creating high-quality landing pages is one of the best methods to increase visitors to your website, boost conversions, and boost sales.

But, you'll probably want to use a third-party tool to construct these pages if you don't have the time or technical abilities to custom-code them yourself.

Comparison of Landing Page Plugin Prices

Here is a list of every plugin we discussed in this post as a recap.

PluginPriceFree Option
Divi Builder$ 70 per year
Elementor9.99 USD per year✔️
SeedProd$39.50 per year ✔️
Beaver Builder$99 per year✔️
Thrive Architect$ 149/ qty
Unbounce$99USD / mo✔️
OptimizePress$129 per year✔️
Qards$99 ✔️
Comparison of Landing Page Plugin Prices


What is a WordPress Landing Page?

A WordPress landing page is a web page the visitors are sent to after searching for your company through a URL or search engine. It is particularly built to welcome and convert visitors into leads or customers.

What is the need for a WordPress Landing Page?

You'll need one or more landing pages if you build a website to sell a service or product. These are the pages that your consumers visit via search engines or paid advertising initiatives. They are intended to increase conversions and revenue for your company.

Is coding needed for using WordPress Landing Page plugins?

No. Most WordPress Landing Page Plugins have a user-friendly interface, making it simple for new and seasoned marketers to construct landing pages without coding expertise.

How can WordPress Landing Page plugins help you?

Most company owners and WordPress newcomers do not wish to learn coding. They also do not wish to employ a coder for each marketing effort. A WordPress landing page plugin can help with this. These plugins have pre-built templates that you may use to get started.

Who are the users of WordPress Landing Page plugins?

Businesses and individuals who want to construct a professional-looking landing page to market their products or services, generate leads, increase their online presence, generate traffic, and enhance conversions are the common users of WordPress Landing Page Plugins.

Which free WordPress landing page plugin is the best?

Elementor is the best free landing page builder. Impressive features are available in its free edition, including an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, support for WooCommerce, many integrations, and a third-party add-on library, to mention a few.

Can I use WordPress to make landing pages?

Yes, WordPress can be used to generate landing pages. Landing pages may be made quickly and simply with several WordPress landing page plugins and themes, such as Divi, Elementor, and SeedProd.

Which WordPress landing page plugin allows you to create dynamic landing pages?

Websites that alter dynamically in response to search terms, user location, past website interactions, or additional demographic information are known as dynamic landing pages. WordPress landing page plugin that allows you to create dynamic landing pages include Divi, Elementor, and SeedProd.

Why is a landing page necessary if my website already exists?

The purpose of a landing page is to turn visitors into leads or customers. A landing page is characterized by a concise and targeted message, typically accompanied by a call-to-action (CTA), unlike a website that may have numerous pages and diverse information.

What is the difference between a homepage and a landing page?

A landing page and a homepage differ primarily in a way- a landing page is intended to accomplish a specific task. The homepage serves as a website's home page and the entry point to the remaining information on the site.


All the WordPress Landing Page plugins on our list are excellent choices for creating and executing your site's landing page. They are straightforward and intuitive for non-technical novices.

These plugins are also mobile-friendly, which ensures your landing page looks amazing on all devices and screen sizes.

We think that the best WordPress Landing Page plugin is Elementor. The drag-and-drop landing page builder is amazing and simple to use.

It features a large selection of well-created templates that can be used to build high-converting landing pages. Additionally, it is compatible with all widely used WordPress plugins and works with all WordPress themes.

However, to decide which one is right for you. Examine their distinct features and pricing to get the best one for your website.

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