Best Membership Plugins for WordPress

Best Membership Plugins For Wordpress

When it comes to making money online fast and easily, a membership site comes into my mind among all those great ideas such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and eCommerce website. Also, I wanted you to know how you can do the same on your own. To start a membership site, you need to test out WordPress membership plugins.

So far I have developed everything on WordPress CMS only. This article is also about “How to set up and launch a membership site with WordPress Plugins?

While there are many other scripts available on the internet, I suggest you develop it with WordPress because it is:

  • Much secure than other CMS
  • Easier to understand
  • More customizations
  • Enough of the possibilities.

Top 5 Membership Plugins of 2024

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro Membership Plugin For Wordpress

With extensive features for administrators, there is a lot more for you to develop, customize and launch your very own personalized membership website. You can manage the subscriptions seamlessly because it offers:

  • No limits on the number of packages you’re offering to the members of your website.
  • You can have different bundles of products and services to offer a different kind of members.
  • A cool Dashboard for your members to manage their subscriptions, upgrading their account and editing their information.
  • Furthermore, you can easily manage them all with a useful backend management panel.

You can start with a 99$/month plan for a single site or settle a license for the lifetime for just $499 to have as many sites as you want to own. In the Ultimate plan which will cost you only $499 will be having the benefits of over 15 add-on plugins worth $1020.

The best thing about the ultimate plan is Lifetime updates and Lifetime Support for unlimited sites. This sounds an unbelievable thing but TRUE.

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Membership Pro Membership Plugin For Wordpress

It sounds implausible that a product has “PRO” in its name and is being sold for FREE. Yes, you read that correctly.

PaidMembershipPro is a FREE WordPress plugin and you can download it from

The FREE plan gets you to access to 14 add-ons for your membership site such as Email Marketing Integration, Some Admin Dashboard Tweaks, and Email Subscription Forms plugins.

  • You can make an on Demand Video membership website or Video Course one
  • Receive Payments through Stripe or any other payment processor. (Most of them are supported.)
  • SetUp an Affiliate Program to boost your site’s growth through affiliates
  • Create Membership Levels, Manage the pricing and make them flexible too.
  • Approve/Deny the members of your platform and keep your website fair.
  • Let your customers cancel, upgrade or renew their subscription right from their dashboard.
  • Add custom trial span to let your potential customers try your site for a few days and they decide to go for a plan or not.


Memberpress Membership Plugin For Wordpress

MemberPress is yet another top-notch quality WordPress plugin to create, manage and run a membership site that thousands are using already.

You get a heck of a lot of features with the plugin such as Payment Gateway Integration, a Self-serve platform for members to manage how they consume your website’s content, Administrator functions, Email Marketing Support, and a lot more.

Starts with a Basic plan of $119/ year for a single site license and reaches $359/ year for the unlimited upgrade. The Pro plan lets you manage and create 30 high-end sites with all the top upgrades enabled.


Membermouse Membership Plugin For Wordpress

If you want to hit your membership site with a lot of customers who buy monthly or yearly subscriptions from you, you have got to own a really good-looking and appealing website.

MemberMouse membership plugins come with a great layout like your dream website. Yes, you can easily manage everything and your customers too. With tons of integrations, the plugin makes it easier for you to run the whole business efficiently.

$599/month for an unlimited members plan.

I know it is costly.

But if every member counts and there are more than 10,00,000 active members in your funnel, go for it. You still have plans as low as 19.95USD per month for up to 1000 members.

WooCommerce Memberships

Woocommerce Membership Plugin For Wordpress

This is quite an interesting concept.

If you are running an eCommerce store, you can integrate membership plugins into your site. Adding the plugin to your site will create a recurring revenue stream for your business. You can ask them to pay a fixed amount every month to get a package of newly launched items each month.

What a nice idea.


This plugin makes it easier for you to allow your customers to buy monthly or yearly subscriptions of your products or offers.

WordPress offers a lot of plugins for different tasks. Take a look at these articles to know more about WordPress plugins.

Wrapping Up

All you need to start and complete this project is

  • A web hosting plan to handle huge traffic and requests and
  • A Domain and finally
  • One of the above-listed membership plugins for WordPress.

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