Best WordPress Plugins to Create Regular Backups of Your Site

Are you in search of immaculate and reliable backup plugins to take regular backups of your site? If yes, you might know the Internet is flooded with plenty of articles that tell about plugins but no one describes succinctly and precisely or even demonstrate key points to make this research work unchallenging. In this article, we've made a list of the best backup plugins after researching and practically examining each of them to understand their functioning better and evaluate them based on their features, advantages, pricing, and ease of use. Then further give you a sure-sort point of view with all the essential information you seek.

There are several free and paid backup plugins, most of which are fairly easy to use and accessible but which one is better is difficult to find, So before we begin to get an overview of the list we prepared let me ask you one question! When do you look for the best backup plugins what elements do you actually look for?

Some Parameters to Consider Before Deciding to Buy a Backup Plugin for Your WordPress Site

  • The first parameter should always be a Complete website backup, there is a handful of plugins that create a backup of the website and complete database, So we should always look for an amalgamation of these two features offered by the plugin.
  • Having a complete website backup is a heavy task and generates extreme pressure on the server and slows down the process, That's why we must look for a plugin with an Incremental backup feature.
  • If you want to save recent changes regularly and automatically, So several plugins provide a Schedule backup facility in which you can set your backup accordingly at your convenience.
  • Several hosts and plugins provide website backup but they store it on the same server, That's where the Offsite storage feature became necessary, it stores your backup copy on a non-identical server this will ensure you even if the server also crashes still your backup file face no harm.
  • If you run an online store, then you need real-time backups. This will ensure that every new order placed will be stored immediately so you won’t suffer the loss of any transaction information, Real time backup features have become very important in the market many different plugins have this quality you should always look for this feature.
  • Data is the most crucial thing for any individual or organization, and when we add any kind of plugin its primary role is to auto encryption plus multiple Safe storages to secure your data.
  • Always research the support system and go for a reliable and Responsive support system to overcome issues you may face during setup, backup, and restore processes.

Keeping these points in mind before introspecting backup plugin features.

Now we understand these factors to consider, let's take a look at the best WordPress backup plugins in the market that you can choose from.

List of Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2024


UpdraftPlus is one of the most famous and well-known free WordPress backup plugins among tech geeks, available on the internet. They are providing services to almost 3 million websites across the globe, UpdraftPlus has its own embedded storage option, providing an effortless way to download, store and manage all your backups from one place.

Through state-of-the-art technology, they've built a powerful platform that allows you to remotely control all of your websites in one place Updrafts gives a Backup of limitless non-WordPress files in premium options which are affordable compared to other plugins having similar kind of service in the Market.

Key features offered by Updraftplus

  • Fast, personal support Provides expert help and support from the backup plugin developers whenever you require it.
  • Pre-update backups which Automatically backup your WordPress website before any updates to plugins, themes, and cores.
  • Network / multisite helps in backing up WordPress multisite or networks securely.
  • Backup time and scheduling help in rescheduling Set exact times to create, retain or delete WordPress plugins according to your need.
  • More database options provide you to Encrypt your sensitive databases (e.g. customer information or passwords); Backup external databases and several other options.
  • Cloning and migration clone your WordPress site and moves it to a new domain or host directly and simply.
  • Incremental backups Allow you to only backup changes to your files (such as a new image).
  • Anonymization functions help to Automatically anonymize personal data in your database tables.
  • Run from WP-CLI through which it Runs optimization commands directly on the command line with detailed output displayed on display.

Cons – This plugin stores Backups on the user’s cloud storage or on the site server and does not have a real-time backup.

Having only backup is a useless thing if you are not able to perform a prompt and secure restoration, But Updraft offers all. This plugin Backup into the cloud directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Openstack Swift, and emails.

The paid version also allows you to back up to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, SCP, pCloud, and WebDAV, Updraft differentiated itself from the rest of the other plugins because it just not Restores as well as backing up but Backing up to more diverse cloud options than any others. Moreover, Allows you to set up automatic backup schedules at per convenience.

Starting Prices – Essentially it's free to use, although UpdraftPlus also has a premium version with add-ons to migrate, database search, clone websites, multisite support, and several other features.

  • Personal plan – $84 (2 licenses)
  • Business plan – $114 (10 licenses)
  • Agency plan – $174 (35 licenses)


Duplicator is one of the great options available in the market for WordPress backup plugins as it’s user-friendly and budget-friendly, This plugin is primarily developed for migration. Duplicator has highly customizable options in premium versions, because of its handy and adaptable nature it became so easy to back up all your WordPress files in zip format, so you can download them offline and store them in local storage and use it whenever required. The plugin helps in integration with cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and several others.

Key features offered by Duplicator –

  • Dressing up my blog is an exciting process. I'm looking forward to exploring the various options available at StyleMyWP and making sure my blog looks exactly the way I want it to. From choosing a theme, customizing the layout and fonts, and adding widgets – these are all important steps that will help my blog stand out from the rest! I
  • Duplicator Pro bundles your site into a single archive, unlike other plugins that create lots of files that are hard to manage.
  • The overhauled package engine is faster and works better with Large site support. Confirmed migration of a 100GB site!
  • Backup Limits feature Limits the number of stored backups to prevent filling up your local or cloud storage and saves storage.
  • Recovery Points provide protection against mistakes and unfit updates by letting you quickly roll back your system to a known, good state.
  • Direct Server Transfers – Build an archive, then directly transfer it from the source server to the destination server for a lightning-fast migration.
  • Duplicator Pro now supports Drag and Drop migrations feature and site restores, Now you can simply drag the bundled site archive to the site you wish to overwrite. 
  • You can Migrate to and from managed hosts with ease. It supports WordPress, WPEngine, GoDaddy Managed, Liquid Web Managed, and many more!
  • A new streamlined installer mode allows you to install in only two steps! An advanced, four-step installer mode is also supported.

Cons – This plugin does not have off-site storage and has a confusing UI.

Not only the exclusive advantage of using Duplicator is its ability to clone your pre-configured sites, Instead of manually configuring your favorite themes and plugins, but Duplicator also allows you to configure a single site and combine it up. This way you can migrate your pre-configured WordPress sites to different locations, eliminating the need for reworking. Duplicator Pro also provides customer service support which can solve 98% of most issues. There are some situations in which custom services are needed to fulfill the migration needs when using the product.

That's why the Duplicator plugin is one of the most sought-after backup solutions with Approximately more than a million active installations.

Starting PricesYou can get a free version in or you can directly download it from their website. 

  • Duplicator Pro basic plan – $49.50 per year 
  • Plus  plan – $99.50 per year 
  • Pro plan   -$199.50 per year 
  • Elite plan – $299.50 per year 


BackupBuddy is one of the old plugins present in the market since 2010 and outperforming competitors, responsible for protecting half a million WordPress websites. With just a few clicks it enables you to back up your entire website completely from your WordPress dashboard. Moreover, You can reschedule automatic backups, Safe storage option allows you to send your backup files to a remote secure location, and restore your files rapidly. The ability to enhance and optimize your database is one of the unique features BackupBuddy offers. It is extremely user-friendly, It simplifies the process of backup and migration which is very functional for beginners. However, it is also capable enough for professional developers to handle multiple websites at once.

Key features offered by Backupbuddy –

  • Exclude Files & Database Tables allows to Choose which files you want to exclude from your backups. Very helpful when your content has lots of high-resolution images.
  • This plugin does a malware scan of your website as well.
  • Scans Database and repairs common issues automatically.
  • Database Mass Text Replacement in which you can Update text throughout your database also updates URLs.
  • Restore or Move with Import Buddy, This plugin uses a specially designed tool, ImportBuddy, that restores or moves your WordPress site.
  • Interactive Site Directory Map
  • Server Tools
  • You will be notified immediately when BackupBuddy finishes or needs your attention through an email notification

Cons – Backupbuddy external dashboard doesn't work purposefully.

This is a Complete bundle for WordPress solutions, Backup, Restoration, Migration, and deployment to the same host or a new domain. Each BackupBuddy plugin facilitates you access to up to 1 GB of storage on BackupBuddy Stash cloud storage. This plugin also allows you to automatically delete old backups from your storage. 1 GB storage is quite enough for 90% of websites.

However, one can also avail of extra storage as per requirement, Starting from $35 per year for 5 GB. BackupBuddy offers an encyclopedic set of features that you will need from your WordPress backup plugin. It has a very smooth user interface, with in display help feature enabled whenever you needed.

Starting PricesYou can get a free version or,

  • Backupbuddy basic plan – $99 per year 
  •  Plus  plan – $199 per year 
  • Agency plan   -$299.50 per year

BoldGrid Backup

BoldGrid Backup is another Top rated plugin, BoldGrid comes with an automated fault protection feature that automatically creates a backup of your site before degradation.

Even if an update fails, it automatically pushes back your WordPress site to the last backup, from our point of view It’s a great feature that assures your protection against update errors. It allows you to effortlessly create your website backups, restore your site in case of crashes, and even use it to move your site when changing hosts.

You can set up automated backups with just Tap, also accompanied by Boldgrid you can store up to 10 backup archives on your dashboard and more in remote storage locations like SFTP, FTP, or AmazonS3. BoldGrid Backup is one of the cost-friendly options available on the internet.

Key features offered by BoldGrid backup –

  • Easy Site Migration just Simply install Total Upkeep on both WordPress sites, create a backup archive on the first site, then restore that backup on your second site.
  • Need to restore only one file from a backup? In individual file restoration, You have the option to restore a single file within the backup browser.
  • Remote Storage Options
  • Easy, Automated Backups.
  • Automated Fault Protection.
  • Database Encryption.

Cons – they don't have any free plan option available for now you can access it only after paying.

A good backup plugin requires a very minor setup on your end but saves your precious website automatically, In case any mind-boggling thing happened you can be relaxed because this plugin ensures website protection and safety. Considering this BoldGrid backup is the right fit for your website with economical prices makes it accessible for everyone, This plugin stands on every benchmark vital to be a perfect backup plugin.

Starting PricesIncludes all of BoldGrid Premium tools & Services

  • Monthly plan – $ 2.50 .


BlogVault is a popular well-rounded WordPress backup plugin having solutions for backup, migration, and security needs. this plugin does not require any configuration that why it's one of the most beginners friendly. BlogVault plugin is the perfect option if you have a large media-heavy website it will create a backup of upto 50 GB very quickly compare to all the above-mentioned plugins and the user can make an unlimited backup on its own site, its full-featured WordPress backup plugin with 400,000+ active installs, 4.3 rating on WordPress official site and backup almost 1 million sites.

BlogVault dashboard, where you can manage backups for multiple websites, all on a single dashboard. The dashboard makes it easy to set up real-time backups with just a click of a button. It’s got a well-designed UI and takes away any of the technical know-how necessary to restore and manage backups.

Key features offered by BlogVault

  • BlogVault can stores encrypted copies of the entire backups across multiple data centers you get Enterprise data security without extra charges.
  • You can Create a Staging Site Easily with One-Click.
  • You can migrate an entire website in minutes with no manual effort. 
  • Advanced site monitoring in which You can constantly monitor your sites, so you can act quickly if something goes wrong.
  • One can track changes using a WordPress activity log.
  • Get automatic malware scans, one-click malware removal, and a real-time firewall.
  • real-time backup for commerce sites.
  • The multi-site backup option is also available.

Cons They have a 7-day free trial only and do not have any free service.

BlogVault has a highly interactive dashboard where you can manage backups for multiple sites through a single dashboard. This plugin has a well-designed UI and all the exceptional features you can expect in a backup plugin suitable for large websites.

Starting Prices– they only have premium plans.

  • Basic plan – $89 yearly
  • Plus plan – $149 yearly
  • Pro plan – $299 yearly

Over to You

Coming to the conclusion of this article Our final thought after the evaluation is, It is very necessary to secure your website and safeguard its data is to using a high-quality WordPress backup plugin that ensures that user doesn't lose their data or at least has a backup. In the list, each has some positive points as well as downsides.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly plugin then we recommend the Updraft plus because it offers a wide range of dynamic practical features ( backup encryption, encrypted backup transport, and large cloud storage) with few add ons it turns into the best complete package for all your problems and stands on each parameter we've mentioned earlier. However, only lacks in providing automated real-time backups. but one can do it manually.

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