Greenshift WP Review: Features, Pros & Cons

Greenshift WP
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Starting Price: USD49.99
Greenshift WP allows you to quickly and simply construct attractive, fully responsive sites. It has an impressive drag-and-drop editor, templates, and other features that make it simple to create professional-looking sites. The plugin allows you to personalize your pages with unique layouts, backgrounds, fonts, and more. GreenShift also provides a collection of paid themes and plugins to help you build a one-of-a-kind appearance and feel for your website.
  • Dedicated and fast support by the Greenshift WP team
  • Over 50+ blocks
  • Eye-catching animations
  • Highly affordable
  • Full customization
  • SEO friendly
  • Fast as well as lightweight
  • Individual add-ons are there for SEO, WooCommerce, chart, and animation
  • Cons:
  • There are a few bugs at times
  • More layouts, templates, and blocks can be added for users
  • Greenshift WP is a Gutenberg block and animation builder for WordPress. It is a well-known WordPress plugin that can improve the default WordPress block editor and works best with WordPress full site editing themes. The folks that worked incredibly well to bring Greenshift WP, WP Soul, are well-known developers at Envato’s Themeforest. These are also the same individuals that developed ReHub Theme.

    The Greenshift plugin extends Gutenberg's functions for creating websites that are unique and rich in design to capture the attention of all visitors and improve layouts. Using the quality of Greenshift WP you may acquire over 50 extra blocks with many design and style options for constructing gorgeous site layouts and adding wonderful animations to various website parts.😍

    In addition to that, Greenshift WP also supports WordPress’s Full-Site Editing (FSE) capability which makes you capable of customizing anything including various templates you wish using the Gutenberg Blocks.

    Greenshift WP Overview

    Greenshift Overview

    GreenShift WP is a great block builder plugin because it offers a clean and contemporary WordPress development environment that is built for performance and scalability. It employs the latest technologies and best practices to offer a safe and dependable working environment.

    Moreover, it offers a broad range of capabilities to enable users to personalize their websites, as well as a simple interface and compatibility with popular plugins and themes. It also has automated backups, one-click staging and deployment, and a caching system built in.

    GreenShift is well-suited to becoming a standard page editor. Several useful blocks that it offers are a web designer's dream due to its broad style possibilities, adjustable layout options, four distinct breakpoints for optimizing your design for different screen sizes, and built-in performance improvements.

    Lastly, GreenShift WP is devoted to delivering exceptional customer care and support to ensure that consumers get the most out of their website. If you require a powerful plugin for web page design, use GreenshiftWP😎

    Greenshift WP Features

    Greenshift: Global Settings

    Breakpoints, colors, and typography may all be defined globally, and custom presets can be saved using Greenshift settings. They come in handy and make the design process quick and easy.

    Greenshift Global Settings

    Greenshift: Animations

    Greenshift WP animations are designed for use with WordPress. They are simple to use and may be utilized to create visually appealing and engaging experiences for visitors to your WordPress website. The animations range from simple hover effects to more complicated page transitions and even scroll-based animations. You may utilize them to make your visitors' experience on your website more interesting and dynamic.

    Greenshift Animations

    Greenshift: Templates

    There are several templates available for use on your pages. These templates are visually beautiful and were created using Greenshift blocks, which saved a significant amount of time. To use these templates, you must first activate your license.

    Greenshift Templates

    Flexible container and CSS grid

    Greenshift provides a CSS grid and flexbox layout framework that makes creating responsive layouts simple. It is lightweight and adaptable, allowing developers to create columns, duplicate them, remove them, combine them, and establish equal spacing, among other things. To properly align any items, you may also use the Flexible Container option.

    Greenshift Flexbox And Css Grid Of Containers

    Greenshift WP:  Blocks

    Greenshift Wp Blocks

    Greenshift WP core blocks are a set of WordPress blocks designed to give users a complete set of tools for developing attractive and dynamic WordPress websites. Users may simply personalize their websites with these blocks, which include unique page layouts, content sections, galleries, and more.

    The basic blocks offer a user-friendly interface for swiftly designing complicated page designs and adding content to them. All of the blocks are responsive and compatible with all WordPress themes. The blocks are also built to interact with the majority of popular WordPress plugins, making it simple to tweak and expand your website with new features.

    The blocks are classified into three types: content, layout, and design.

    Content Blocks: Content blocks are used to add text, photos, videos, and audio to a website. These blocks may be used to add simple information or adjusted to include more complex functionality.

    Layout blocks: They are used to adjust the structure of the website. They may be used to make columns, rows, grids, and carousels, as well as to change the widths and heights of pages.

    Design blocks: They are used to alter the appearance and feel of a website. Colors, fonts, backdrops, and other design elements may be added to them.

    Some Exciting Greenshift Blocks

    Image Block

    Compared to the default WordPress image block, this Image Block gives you some advanced customization options such as alignment, lightbox, clip path, shadow, border, spacing, a focal point picker, dynamic image value from a custom field, taxonomy meta, or featured image.

    Greenshift Wp Image Block
    Comparison Tables

    With the comparison table widget, you can show a nice table depicting the features, call to action, and images of your products. It is a very useful block that eliminates the use of pricey widgets.

    Greenshift Comparision Table
    Review Box

    The review box widget of Greenshift plugin allows you to show product description, its features with ratings, pros & cons and expert score.

    Greenshift Wp Review Box
    Review Box Block
    Colored title box

    This colored title box widget is very helpful to show some content inside a heading. It can be used to show table of content, show some information or announcement. There are various customization options available in this block to change the title and content colors. One can also customize the spacing, shadow, icon in title, alignment, border radius and much more.

    Greenshift Wp Colored Titlebox
    Video Block
    Greenshift Video Block
    Layout Blocks

    Greenshift has various blocks to create amazing layouts such as Container/Wrapper, Section, Row, Flexbox, CSS Grid of Containers, and Flipbox 3D Container Block

    Greenshift Row Block
    WooCommerce Blocks

    Greenshift Woocommerce Addon adds some additional blocks related to WooCommerce such as Product Price, Rating, Discount, Comparison, SKU, Availibility, Categories, Title Quick View and much more.

    Greenshift Woocommerce

    Greenshift WP extended Addons

    Greenshift Addons

    All the add-ons that come with Greenshift WP are made to help WordPress websites be optimized. They are developed to assist WordPress users to improve their websites quicker, more securely, more structured, and more efficiently.  They allow you to add content creatively, with dynamic queries, FAQs, charts, SEO and marketing features, as well as animations.

    The add-ons are intended to aid users in maximizing the functionality of their websites and enhancing their user experience.

    Animation Addons

    Greenshift Animation Addons

    Greenshift WordPress animation extensions enable you to include animated effects in your website. To create a dynamic and interesting appearance for your WordPress site, you may pick from several effects such as slider, scroll, fade, shake, and more. The add-ons also provide several customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance and feel of the animation to your website. You may make your website more visually appealing and user-friendly by using Greenshift WP animation extensions.

    SEO and Marketing Addons

    Greenshift Seo And Marketing Addons

    Greenshift WP SEO and marketing add-ons help you get the most out of your WordPress website. These additions are intended to assist you in increasing the visibility of your website in search engines, increasing traffic and conversions, and optimizing your website for search engine optimization. These are intended to help you establish and manage SEO strategies, optimize your content for search engines, and track and analyze your website's performance.

    Greenshift Seo And Marketing Popup With Button Block
    Greenshift SEO and marketing- Popup with button block

    Query Dynamic Addon

    Greenshift Query Dynamic Addon

    Greenshift WP Query dynamic add-ons allow you to add unique dynamic components to your WordPress queries fast and efficiently. You can simply add an advanced listing, thumbs, wishlist, custom post types, taxonomies, and other query parameters to your WordPress queries using Greenshift's WP Query Dynamic Addons. This addon is very beneficial for WordPress developers who need to generate complicated and sophisticated queries.

    Greenshift Advanced List Block
    Advanced listing

    Chart Addon

    Greenshift Chart Addon

    Greenshift WP Chart addons developed by Greenshift enable WordPress users to effortlessly create, alter, and share interactive charts, graphs, and diagrams from within the WordPress platform. The Chart extension allows users to easily construct charts and diagrams from existing data, as well as upload and alter data from a range of sources, including CSV files and other databases. WordPress users can simply build appealing visualizations that assist to express complicated concepts and facts using these charts.

    Greenshift Chart Plugin

    Greenshift WP Alternatives

    Kadence Blocks

    Kadence Blocks, an extension of the basic WordPress block editor, is one of the most popular Gutenberg block plugins, with over lakhs of installations from With this plugin, you may design attractive pages using starting packs, available blocks, and sections.


    A freemium WordPress plugin that can add multiple designs, blocks, and UI kits to the Gutenberg editor is Stackable. The plugin makes it simple for you to make dynamic and professional-looking websites.

    Stackable is very lightweight and never creates issues with the speed of your website. The only thing that can be a con is that- its best designs and blocks are available to you only when you switch to its pro version.


    Spectra is yet another Gutenberg block editor plugin that was originally called Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. The plugin adds over 30 blocks to the default Gutenberg Library and provides several fantastic readymade block designs and website themes.

    Designers, marketers, corporations, and agencies mostly utilize Spectra to create visually appealing websites. Yet, the blocks offered by Spectra are far fewer than those provided by Greenshift.

    Beaver Builder

    This WordPress plugin is a simple page builder with a drag-and-drop interface for constructing beautiful and functional websites.  It comes with unique quirks and features for experienced web developers. Overall, Beaver Builder has a smooth UI and a good template selection, however, it falls short when it comes to cost.


    Elementor is a sophisticated page builder that allows you to design pages in minutes using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It also provides a wide collection of templates and widgets from which to pick.

    It replaces the normal WordPress editor with a live frontend editor, allowing you to visually create complex layouts and design your website in real-time without having to go back and forth between the editor and preview mode.

    Greenshift WP Pricing


    • Design Pack- To build complex layouts easily

           Starting from- $39.99 per year

    • All-in-one– Get everything+ Future addon

           Starting from- $59.99 per year

    • SEO Pack- Profitable blocks with high conversion

           Starting from- $49.99 per year

    Greenshift Yearly Plans


    • Design Pack- To build complex layouts easily

            Comes at $ 109.99 for a lifetime

    • All-in-one– Get everything+ Future addon

           Comes at $ 159.99 for a lifetime

    • SEO Pack- Profitable blocks with high conversion

           Comes at $ 139.99 for a lifetime

    Greenshift Wp Lifetime Pricing Plans


    What is Greenshift WP and why is it used?

    Greenshift WP is a WordPress plugin that helps website owners automate their website duties. It can aid in the optimization of website speed, the reduction of downtime, and the security of the website. Greenshift WP is also meant to decrease the amount of time spent on manual maintenance duties. It is used to aid in the smooth and effective operation of your website with minimum effort.

    Who are the most common GreenShift WP users🤷‍♀️?

    GreenShift WordPress is utilized by a wide range of companies, including small enterprises, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and non-profit organizations. It is also popular among web designers, developers, and digital marketers that want a strong platform for creating and maintaining websites.

    Are all themes compatible with GreenShift WP🙋‍♂️?

    While most WordPress themes that follow the WordPress coding standards are compatible with GreenShift WP, not all themes are. To ensure compatibility, it is important to verify with the particular theme source.

    Can GreenShift WP be used in combination with other page builders🤔?

    Yes, GreenShift WordPress may be used in combination with other page builders. Any WordPress theme, even those created with well-known page builders plugins like Elementor and Beaver Builder, may utilize the plugin.

    What features does Greenshift WP provide for free?

    Content and design-specific blocks
    30+ free blocks
    Smart scroll
    Fully customizable
    Optimized web vitals
    Smart loaders
    Dynamic loading
    Design options for each block
    Multiple animation styles
    SVG shape libraries
    Sections and layouts library
    Advanced sliders and carousels
    Advanced position control

    What premium features are offered by Greenshift?

    20+ premium blocks
    Animated section library
    Query and listing add-ons
    Animation add-ons
    WooCommerce add-ons
    Chart add-ons
    SEO and Marketing add-ons
    Premium support

    What makes Greenshift WP stand out?

    Greenshift Animation And Page Builder Plugin

    Great Assistance🙌

    The fantastic service provided by Greenshift WP is one of the features that people love. The Greenshift WP staff offers devoted, individualized assistance to premium customers, and through forums, groups, and FAQs, Greenshift WP's free users may also find useful support to address their problems.

    Effortless Usage👍

    Greenshift WordPress features a simple interface that makes it very simple to use. Also, utilizing Greenshift WP is very straightforward for you if you are someone who is accustomed to using the Gutenberg block editor because adding blocks using Greenshift WP is identical to that process. The blocks may be added and modified directly from Gutenberg.

    Value for Money💰

    Greenshift WP is a terrific deal when you consider the number of designs, blocks, and animations you receive for a low price. Moreover, the pricing plans are flexible.

    Lightweight & Fast

    Greenshift WP also takes care of the fact that how fast your pages load, so all the elements are small and they don’t load until and unless there is a need for those elements on the page. 

    Over to you

    Although Greenshift WP is a relatively new plugin on the market, many WordPress website builders and marketers already adore and rely on it for many of their amazing features.

    Greenshift WP is a very popular part of the WordPress ecosystem because of the availability of several animations, sophisticated design choices, SEO, and marketing elements that are all available inside Gutenberg Blocks.

    What we especially enjoyed about Greenshift WP is its SEO and marketing functions such as listings, comparison tables, offer boxes, and review blocks.

    To summarize, GreenShiftWP is an excellent plugin that may significantly improve the SEO functionality of your WordPress site. It is simple to use and adaptable, with numerous SEO optimization options.

    You can never go wrong choosing Greenshift because of its lightweight size, a wide range of functionality, and numerous potent features that are all available at an affordable price.😎

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