StyleMyWP is the blog that talks about WP growth, optimization, securities, and WordPress tools. With StyleMyWP you can learn how to create a fully functional website, optimize it for conversions and earn passive income.

This website is aimed to help you make the best use of WordPress and create top-notch sites.

About the Author

Lokesh Kapoor who owns this website is a Web developer, Programmer, YouTuber, SEO Content Writer, and a Tech Geek. StyleMyWP is one of my websites where I share content exclusively related to WordPress. Apart from here, you can find me creating content on DroidCrunch, some other websites of mine, and my personal blog.

I have been using WordPress for 6 years now. I have worked with many digital agencies. I also worked as a freelancer for a couple of years where I attained good experience. I make sure that you find on this blog the information you need to get successful in WordPress.

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